Join your fellow GVRDC members at the Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon in January. Chat with your friends and take home any ribbons you have earned over the competition season.

We will also have our Silent Auction and Chinese Raffle at the Annual Meeting.
Contact Nancy Reale, (585) 218-9996 if you have items to donate for the silent auction or the raffle.
To be eligible for year end awards:
1. Both the Rider or Driver and the Owner of the horse must be GVRDC members in good standing for the current year.
2. The Rider or Driver must complete at least 8 hours of volunteer work at any GVRDC event in the current year.
3. Only the volunteer time of the Rider or Driver counts towards eligibility, not the volunteer time of family/friends.

Note - You do not have to submit your show results to be considered for year end awards.
Show results for all members who have met the criteria, will be tabulated by our awards statisticians.

For Eventing:

Awards will be given for the following levels:
  • Intro
  • Beginner Novice
  • Novice
  • Training
  • Modified
  • Preliminary
Levels will be divided into:
  • Horse
  • Rider (Jr and Sr)
  • Open
A Horse/Rider combination may only receive one award at each level.

Any questions about Eventing Awards, contact Kim.
Up to 6 scores will count, with at least one from the following events:
  • GVRDC Spring Event, recognized
  • Genesee Valley Hunt Horse Trials, recognized
  • GVRDC Fall Event, recognized
  • Chestnut Ridge Harvest Horse Trials, unrecognized

Scores will also be counted from other recognized horse trials if the above criteria is met.

No unrecognized events will count except the one listed above

Points will be awarded based on your placings and tabulated for Awards.

























In addition to the Eventing and Driving Awards, there are several special awards that the Club gives to recognize our members.

The Harold Bixby Award - for all-around sportsmanship, horsemanship, and service
The Edward Harris Memorial Award - to the Volunteer of the Year
The Joseph C. O'Dea Award - for extraordinary support by a non-competing rider
The Lifetime Achievement Award - to recognize a club member who has contributed for a "lifetime" to the club
Honorary Lifetime Membership - to members who are dedicated to serving the club
The Sonny Memorial Versatility Award - created by Elmar Frangenberg to recognize and encourage the enjoyment of BOTH riding and driving

  • Bixby Award
    2018 Kim McGann
    2017 Rikki Bruckman & David Chugg
    2016 Ajia Cherry
    2015 Kim Ciulla & Ben Hallenbeck
    2014 Marylou Boynton
    2013 Beth Harris
    2012 Carrie Wehle
    2011 Wezo Pierson
    2010 Jill Reed
    2009 Landowners (Hart, Grace, Minor, Harris)
    2008 Walter Pond
    2007 Carol Kozlowski
    2006 Hank Minor
    2005 Joan Alliger
    2004 Jim and Farley Wagner
    2003 Stirlin Harris
    2002 Jill Reed
    2001 Jack and Linda Walnes
    2000 Patsy Titus
    1999 Martha Wadsworth
    1998 Bob and Ruth Heinhold
    1997 Ed, Jackie, and Stirlin Harris
    1996 Elmar and Catherine Frangenberg
  • Edward Harris Memorial Award, Volunteer of the Year
    2018 Jannah Matzen
    2017 Lindsay Alberts
    2016 Rikki Bruckman & David Chugg
    2015 Jean Kiefer-Wood
    2014 Mary Delton
    2013 Muxworthy Family
    2012 Donna Hecht
    2011 Kim Crane
    2010 Lisa Nadeau
    2009 Jim and Farley Wagner
    2008 Debi Peskor
    2007 Hannah & Cathy Zollweg, Kathy Lasher
    2006 Carrie Wehle
    2005 Patsy Titus, Kathy Lasher
    2004 Tina and Adam Russell
    2003 Gage Slade
    2002 Jim & Farley Wagner, Joyce Wechsler
    2001 None Awarded
    2000 Jack and Linda Walnes
    1999 Carol Kozlowski
    1998 Becky Bezon-Sando
    1997 Sue James
    1996 Carrie Ringland
  • Joseph O'Dea
    2018 Ann Parks
    2017 Danny Harter
    2016 Patsy Titus
    2015 Paul Rehbock
    2014 Wezo Pierson
    2013 Mary Sue Jack
    2012 JR and Tom Booth
    2011 Joyce Wecshler
    2010 Rich Vallee
    2009 Stirlin Harris
    2008 Ruth and Bob Heinhold
  • Lifetime Achievement
    2017 Dru Malavase
    2016 None Awarded
    2015 None Awarded
    2014 Stirlin Harris
    2013 Joan Alliger
    2012 None Awarded
    2011 Gail McGuire
    2010 None Awarded
    2009 Ruth Fanton
    2008 Martha Wadsworth
    2007 None Awarded
    2006 None Awarded
    2005 Terry Williams (first time given)
  • Honorary Membership
    2018 Tom and JR Booth
    2014 Jim and Farley Wagner
    2013 Jack and Linda Walnes
    2012 Elmar and Catherine Frangenberg
    2011 None Awarded
    2010 None Awarded
  • Sonny Memorial
    2018 Kate Millspaugh
    2017 Bonnie Andre & Anne Eilinger/ Bruichladdich
    2016 Bonnie Andre / Bruichladdich
    2014 Bonnie Andre / Bruichladdich
    2013 Bonnie Andre / Bruichladdich
    2012 Bonnie Andre / Bruichladdich
    2011 Anne Eilinger / El Nino, Sweet Surprise
    2010 Elmar Frangenberg / War Dance of Fire, War Fralight
    2009 Carrie Wehle / Arioso, Peanut
    2008 Carrie Wehle / Arioso, Peanut
    2007 Teresa Hartford / Romany Rye
    2006 None Awarded

GVRDC Year End Awards

Year End Awards are presented at the Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon every January.

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Diane Carrol-Yacoby, who was awarded the Joan Alliger Scholarship for 2018