What is Twilight Dressage?

Twilight Dressage describes a dressage schooling show held from 4 pm - dusk (8 pm) on Tuesdays during the months of June and July and 3 pm - dusk (7 pm) in August.

You can choose to ride any USDF dressage test or USEA eventing dressage test that is current for the year in question.
There will be 2 sand rings and, if entries warrant, there will also be a small grass ring.

Most judges are volunteers who ride and/or teach at second level or above but some judges are recognized USDF judges.

Tests will be scored but not totaled and are given back to the rider. This means that there are no ribbons which keeps the costs down.

In the case of inclement weather, the show may be rescheduled or cancelled. Check the home page of this website for information on cancellation.

Location, Dates, and Dress

We are very fortunate to be able to use the sand rings at Hideaway Farm for the shows.

Riders are required to wear boots, breeches and hard hats with chin strap harnesses. Otherwise, dress comfortably for the weather. These are true schooling shows:

The format is very informal. Send in your entry before the closing date, check for your ride times on this web site, check in with the steward at the show grounds, warm up, and ride your test(s). Times will be posted on the Sunday prior to the show.

2019 competition dates are:
June 18 - closing date June 12
July 9 - closing date July 3
August 13 - closing date August 7

Any questions - contact either Beth at 585-472-5188 or

Where to find copies of the current Dressage Tests:
Note that for eventing tests, the test date is not the current year.

For the 2018 USEA tests, go here.
For the 2015 USDF Introductory tests, go here.
For the 2019 USEF Tests, go here.

GVRDC Twilight Dressage Schooling Shows